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These are the terms and conditions ("Terms") that govern the relationship between you, our customer (referred to as "you" in these terms) and our website (referred to as "we" or "us" in these terms) for provision of service by this website. The Terms are subject to change without prior notice, except that the Terms in force at the time you place or modify an order will govern the order in question.

The primary services provided by us are to help you in obtaining travel visas and other travel documentation. We provide our clients with services for the processing of Visa Waiver authorisation, and it is not affiliated with U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency. We specialise in reviewing and processing applications for the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) on behalf of travellers to the United States.

The information provided is based on publicly available information, our experience concerning the Visa Waiver Program and ESTA. We provide the text on this website for information purposes and offer an ESTA review and submission service for a fee. The information within this website is not a legal advice. If you have any questions about the content on our website, please contact us. We are a private company and have no affiliation or connection with any government.

The application process for a travel authorisation consists of a series of questions related to your travel and passport details. Please keep in mind that only the U.S. government has the authority to approve or disapprove a U.S. travel authorisation application, not us. We do not issue ESTA Approvals but offer the process and management services of Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) under the Visa waiver program Application for travellers who wish to travel to the USA. On our website, you will be asked all the questions necessary in order for us to review and process your U.S. travel authorisation. Your application is quality checked twice by multiple travel advisers against a list of known and typical mistakes. This will enable you to enter the USA without any difficulties, e.g. formal errors. We provide you with additional services, which are pointed out on our website. Also, note that we do not take any responsibility for an incorrect application submitted. By proceeding to use the website to complete your application, you agree, certify, and waive your rights regarding the handling of this application as dictated by the USA Government and authorise website agents to indicate your acceptance of the ESTA terms as displayed. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest standard of service. Our complaint handling process is designed to ensure that clients' concerns are treated seriously and addressed fairly.

All complaints must be sent in writing using the Contact Us form on our website. Alternatively, you can contact us using the following e-mail address: [email protected]. You agree that electronic communications in writing satisfies you. If you do not respond to communication regarding our services within 3 days, we will cancel your application service.

If we find any problems with your application, we will contact you by email to verify the information. We will only submit your application to the Electronic System for Travel Authorization if we find it to be deemed valid. The approval process can take up to 72 hours through the ESTA website; it is strongly recommended to apply early. Upon the successful processing of your application, we print the approval into a PDF document and email it to you. If the processing of your application takes more than 72 hours, please check your Junk Mail or Spam folder in your email inbox. If you have still not received an email from us, please notify us by email for further information. We will notify you by email of the outcome of the registration. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further questions regarding your application or our services. Our helpdesk replies to all inquiries within 7 days and 24 hours. However, our services are provided during our working hours from 9.00 - 18.00 (GMT+2).

The contract shall come into force as soon as all the data required for the registration has been entered and you have clicked click on the "Order" button. The contract will only not come into force if incorrect details are provided or your credit card is rejected (credit card limit has been exceeded, incorrect card details have been entered, the card is blocked). By clicking on the "Order" button, you instruct us in its capacity as a professional service provider in the travel industry to submit the ESTA registration to the U.S. immigration authorities on your behalf to obtain an entry permit for the USA. We charge you for each order. This charge includes all resulting costs, including the fee charged by the U.S. immigration authorities and including any indirect taxes (if any) that are applicable to the fees and other charges and fees charged by an issuing authority. This fee will become due upon placing the order and shall not be reimbursable even in the event of a negative response from the U.S. authorities owing to false statements or a negative decision, resulting in travel authorisation not being issued.

We cannot guarantee that a residence permit will be granted. The service offered here relates exclusively to the transmission of your data and details to the U.S. authorities. However, you are not entitled to an entry permit since this decision lies entirely and exclusively with the Department of Homeland Security of the United States of America. We cannot be held liable if you are denied boarding on a flight or vessel with destination to the United States because of an incorrect passport, visa, or other required documents. It is your responsibility to ensure that you meet the requirements for travel before making arrangements to visit the United States.

To learn more about our refunding policy, please refer to Refunding Terms section.

Before starting an ESTA application, we will clearly inform you of the service fee and total price. All individual travel authorisation (ESTA) applications processed are charged at $89.00 each, including the U.S. government mandatory fee of $21.00. For your convenience, we also offer the Express ESTA service for $118, which we will help you complete within 3 hours, if your correctly filled out form is submitted and the copies of your documents meet the requirements. Please note that it will not be our responsibility if we provide you with the service and submit your data to the ESTA center on time, but the approval process on the US government website can take longer, which happens in very rare cases. For verifying and reviewing existing travel authorisations, we charge a service fee of $19.00. There are no other fees charged. By completing the steps and clicking on the payment button, you agree to the fee charged by our company.

All orders made on our website consist of a mandatory application process with questions and payment information that must be completed by all customers. These actions can only be made by the customer who submits the order him or herself or on behalf of the traveller. By providing us with your data to complete our service, you warrant that you are over the age of 16 or have parental/guardian consent to submit the application on our website.

By completing the application form, you agree that we can collect your personal data and process it for technical purposes to provide you with our service. The data collected will be only used for service providing purposes. We collect identifying data provided by you voluntarily during the application form on our website. We require this information/data to review and process your travel authorisation (ESTA). We guarantee that all the information about the Customer, including personal identification data, has been obtained while providing the services, is confidential. The Customer is informed that the personal information at disposal may be transferred to third parties who provide services to us or represent our interests, whom we entrust performance of any obligations, or whom we cooperate within the provision of the services and performance of its functions. You consent to data processing upon pressing the appropriate button or making the appropriate mark on the application form. The data you provide will only be used to process the travel authorisation (ESTA). Our company will not use your data for any other reasons unless legally required. After providing the service to you, we continue to process confidential information and personal data (for example, to store information) no longer than one year because it is necessary for the fulfilment of the requirements specified in the legislation binding us, e-commerce services of VISA and MC regulations for the protection our legitimate interests and handling of Customer's complaints. Once the service is fully concluded, your information will be deleted from our database and no longer deemed necessary to keep for customer service reasons.

We provide this service only as an e-commerce technical agent according to Service agreement no. 02/05-2021. The information provided on this website is intended to be used solely for personal and non-commercial purposes.


You can pay for the service using your credit card (VISA/MasterCard).

By completing the steps and clicking on the payment button, you agree to the fee charged by our company. Payment can only be made by credit or debit cards. There is no charge to access our website, view our products/services or ask questions. However, we do charge for verifying, processing, and reviewing applications. Before starting an ESTA application, we will clearly inform you of the service fee and total price.

All transactions on this website are in U.S. Dollars. If you have a foreign credit card, you will be charged according to what your credit card company offers as an exchange rate to the U.S. Dollar. We have no control over exchange rates. Your card statement will show the amount if your credit card issuer has implemented a foreign transaction fee. How this fee is displayed on the statement varies by the card issuer. The transaction may also incur additional fees or card-use charges levied by the card provider. We have no influence over such additional fees.


We shall not assume any liability whatsoever for any losses occurring in the course of the ESTA registration. This includes all losses resulting from the delay or refusal of authorisation and the associated consequences, including, for example, the subsequent cancellation of the trip. While every effort is made to provide accurate information, travel visa and passport requirements are constantly changing, and there may be a delay before we are advised of such changes. Therefore, we are unable to always guarantee complete accuracy. Processing times and charges given are solely for guidance purposes and cannot be guaranteed. We reserve the right to cancel your application at any time and for any reason, including provision misleading information, use of this website for illegal purposes.

In exceptional circumstances, a government may choose to withdraw approval for an Electronic Travel Authorization (E-visa or ESTA) after it has been approved. In certain situations, approved authorisations have changed the status from 'Approved' to 'Not authorised to visit with an E-visa. Even if your application is approved, it is only an authorisation to travel. It does not guarantee entry into the country you intend to visit. The final decision lies with the Customs and Immigration Officer when you arrive at the port of entry. We cannot take any responsibility for any losses incurred if a decision is made to decline or withdraw approval for you to enter a country. We cannot be held liable for any costs or claims resulting from such a change of status decision.

However, the website will not be responsible for any of the following events occurring with the Electronic travel authorisation issuing authority; Refusal to issue the Electronic System for Travel Authorizations (ESTA), refusal to accept the application, Issuance of an incorrect Electronic System Travel Authorizations (ESTA), delay in processing the ESTA.

The English version of the Terms and Conditions shall be construed as the principal version within the legal relationship.


It is the user's sole responsibility to read and review all our Terms and Conditions. We reserve the right to change such Terms and Conditions without prior notice for any reason. This may be due to changes in the law, security considerations or changes to the products and services we provide.

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