Safe Traveling to the USA from the UK

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Safe travel is everyone’s responsibility. In today’s climate you just have to be hyper vigilante about your surroundings and who your travel companions are. Every time you turn on the news there is evidence that travel can be dangerous but of course it should never keep you from traveling.  Many countries have really stepped up their security especially the US. Traveling to the US safely is the goal of the US government.


The Visa Waiver Program is an agreement with certain countries to allow citizens to travel “visa free” to the US for business and leisure purposes. Citizens of the approved countries are not required to go through the lengthy visa approval process to be able to visit the US HOWEVER to ensure the safety of all travelers and to prevent any security risks to the US there are other safeguards in place as a measure of protection.

Safety First

Applying for an ESTA is an easy process when you have the right support and it makes travel safer for everyone involved.  Understanding how this process can enhance your safety is important.

The ESTA is an online application system that you can find right here that collects data about travelers that are coming from Visa Waiver Program countries. Citizens of countries that participate in the VWP do not require a visa but they do have to get approval for travel to the US.

The process helps to eliminate any threats from traveling to the US so that you can feel confident that you are traveling safely.  A lot of people hear that there is a US Visa Waiver Program and they mistakenly think that it is like traveling in Europe for the member countries of the Schengen Agreement but the reality is a bit different.

When traveling in Europe as a citizen of the EU you are not required to present any documents to cross boarders but coming to the US is a bit different. While you may not need to secure a visa for your visit you will need to produce documents asserting your approval for travel to the US.

The ESTA is sort of like a nod to the custom officials that you are not a threat and that you are just visiting for under 90 days. It is not a blanket coverage that guarantees entry in to the US but it does ensure that the US knows who is boarding planes headed for their country.

This additional step to travel to the US should make every traveler feel safer.


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How It Works

The ESTA system was set up by the US government as a way to keep people that are a security risk out of the US. It is meant to be used by travelers that are coming from one of the visa waiver countries because it is already assumed that citizens of those countries mean no harm to the US.

It is a layer of protection that provides secure travel options to all citizens of the world that are coming to the US.

The process requires that you have several pieces of information on hand:

  • Valid passport – you will need the number to input on the application
  • Personal information
  • Immediate heritage information- information about your parents
  • Information regarding your place of residence
  • Information regarding your employment

You do not need to have made your travel plans to apply for the ESTA.  You just have to be able to provide verifiable information regarding the above list and if you are not banned from travel you will receive your approval in about 24 hours.

You will need an Epassport effective April 1 2016 to use the ESTA system.  The goal is to ensure that safety is always a priority and the laws can change from time to time in the interest of heightening the safety of all travelers.  Professional support through the can help to keep you up to date regarding any news or changes about using the system and getting an approval.

How it can Keep You Safe 

There are a litany of groups that cannot apply for the ESTA online by eliminating certain groups from the process the US government is able to keep both you and the US secure while traveling.   The US has identified groups that pose the greatest threat to the security of the citizens and travelers and have banned those groups from using the system. An immediate denial will be issued for anyone that falls into these groups and applies anyway.

In addition to a denial, authorities can be notified and the individual can be added to the INTERPOL watch list. There can be very serious repercussions for anyone that knowingly uses this system to make fraudulent statements. Remember that an authorization to travel to the US is not an authorization to enter the US. The custom officials will still check your documents and flag anyone that they think is suspicious. This is for your safety and the safety of the citizens of the United States.

Here are some groups that CAN NOT apply for the ESTA as a measure to help ensure your safety and the US’s security:

  • Any citizen of a country that is not part of the Visa Waiver Program is not permitted to use this expedited system. They are required to go through a lengthy vetting process that will requires an in depth background check to ensure secure travel.
  • Any citizen, regardless of their country of origin cannot use the system if they knowingly have a communicable disease like HIV cannot use this system. This is considered a high priority public health safety preventive.
  • Citizens that are coming from VWP countries that have traveled to Iraq, the Sudan, Iran or Syria after March 1 2011 is not eligible to use the ESTA system.  There are some very narrow exceptions to this rule that apply to diplomats and military members.
  • Any citizen that is a citizen of a member VWP country and is also a citizen of Iran, Iraq, the Sudan or Syria are also not eligible for to apply through this system.

Every traveler that boards a US bound flight or boat is required to have the authorization for travel approval or they risk being refused boarding.  This important safety measure ensures that your travels to the US are safe and secure.


Do You Have U.S. ESTA VISA Travel Authorization? If You Have ESTA Application, Check if it is Still Valid!

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Some Suggestions 

If you are traveling to the USA or traveling through the USA you will want to ensure that you get your documents in order as soon as possible. Applying for the authorization to travel is a relatively simple task for all honest travelers. The authorization will come through in about 24 hours as long as you are honest with your answers and are not banned from travel.

Safe travel to the US is available for any UK citizen thanks to the easy to use ESTA system that is in place to ensure everyone that comes from the VWP countries can feel secure knowing that they are being protected during their overseas travels.  It is an easy step to take to keep everyone safe!  Get your authorization today and enjoy knowing that you can confidently travel to the US.