The Most Dangerous Cities to Live in Ohio, USA


Known as the "Birthplace of Aviation," it says a lot about the history of Ohio being the birthplace of seven Presidents of the U.S. This city, also called the "Buckeye State", has a landscape that is matched by tons of iconic towns that have a reputation for their love of music.

But as there is no such place as the perfect State, there are few places in Ohio with high crime reports. is Ohio dangerous? Fair enough, in this article are the neighbourhoods to avoid and their crime statistics.

Current Crime Situation in Ohio

As far as dangerous states in the U.S. go, Ohio takes seventh place with 1,089 homicides, at a rate of 9,200 per 100,000 residents. Statistics reveal a reported crime rate of 3,449.6 per 100,000 residents. Ohio's high crime rate is primarily driven by its high number of property crimes, such as theft, burglary, and gang activity. The State's violent crime rate is relatively low compared to most states.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Neighbourhoods in Ohio

1. Cleveland


Just as Cleveland is home to Lebron James, it is equally home to several dangerous neighbourhoods. On many occasions, Cleveland has made news headlines for its constant struggles with crime. It has maximally earned its reputation for being the third most dangerous city in Ohio. Of the 100 most populated cities in the U.S., Cleveland's property crime rate ranked 17th highest.

According to 2021 FBI statistics, this bustling northeast Ohio city, home to 383,331 people, has both property crime and violent crime rise to 14,230 and a staggering 6,316. This is against the year 2020 report, which registered 5,869 violent cases, the country's 5th highest violent crime rate in 2020. By November 5, 2021, there had been 152 homicides reported, only a slight decrease from 2020.

A measureable amount of crime happens in Midtown notwithstanding the police presence. North Broadway, The Stockyard, Kinsmith, Industrial Valley, and Central are a few of the most dangerous neighbourhoods in Cleveland to keep away from. Others are Fairfax, Woodland Hills, and Union Miles Park. So, generally, it is best for women not to travel alone unsecured.

Cash should not be carried about casually since many homeless people in Cleveland will panhandle. Public transit is reliable and trouble-free.


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2. Moraine


Like most states, Ohio has its rough spots, and Moraine is one of themMoraine is a small city of just 6,494 and one of the highest overall crime and murder rates in Ohio. This mostly comes from having the highest rate of property crime in the State.

The Moraine crime rate is 222% higher than the Ohio average and 196% higher than the national average. From 453 total reported crimes per 100,000 in 2022, there were 392 property crimes and 61 violent crimes. Thefts led the list of property crimes by 82% and assault for violent crimes by 67.2%.

To better secure this neighbourhood, officers patrol at intervals. Theft incidents must be taken seriously, so employing the cashless system and using credit/debit cards mostly when moving is better. Biking and walking are good for seeing the various parts of the neighbourhood, but they should be done before sunset. In this neighbourhood, it is not wise for women to travel solo late at night. Your chances of becoming a crime victim in Moraine is 1 in 15.

3. Whitehall


Whitehall has a couple of hot zones that crawl with drug dealers and prostitutes. With a population of just about 18,944, this neighborhood has had some of the highest violent crime numbers in the State and, in 2021, got ranked the third-highest murder rate. When simulated, it turns out to be a murder every other month, which is very high for a city of barely 19,000 residents.

In 2022, property and violent crimes were reported as 888 and 198 for every 100,000 people. Violent crime is more common in Whitehall than it is nationwide, and the figure in the year was 169% higher than the national average, even with police presence around.

In this neighbourhood, avoiding distractions and keeping valuables in plain sight when walking around this relatively safe city is best. Females travelling solo will be fine, with unusual safety concerns here. And although the pickpockets are few, it'd be better to travel with debit/credit cards. In Whitehall, you have a 1 in 18 chance of becoming a crime victim.

4. Canton


Located in northeastern Ohio, Canton Citywith a population of 70,863, is best known among sports fans as the home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Howeverit still lags at the ground level of the league tables, with a baffling incidence of 4,588 crimes per 100,000 residents.

From 2022 statistics, the total number of violent crimes to property crime was 1,025 to 3,563, with assault as the top crime for violent crimes and theft championing for property crimes. This gives the violent crime rate per 100,000 residents at 280% higher than the Ohio average and property crime at 161%.

According to the crime map, a few of the dangerous areas of Canton are Lathrop/Sherrick Road, Crystal Park, East Lincoln Highway, and Old Southwest. Walking or biking are safe activities during daytime and night, even for solo travelling women. Bus transportation and other public rides are free of pickpockets or muggers. So, wads of cash are likely to remain untouched in purses and wallets.

5. Dayton


Dayton, tucked into Central Ohio, is known as the actual birthplace of aviation. This large city of 140,444 people is among the U.S. cities with the highest homicide rates. There was a total of 46 murders reported in the town in 2020, well above the national homicide rate of 6.5 murders per 100,000. There were 1,086 violent crimes reported for every 100,000 people in Dayton in 2020, compared to 399 incidents per 100,000 nationwide.

In 2022, Dayton witnessed the greatest overall rise in crime in many years, and few included auto thefts spikes and assaults. Others, like burglaries, narcotics and drug violations, fell to their lowest levels in years. The data from Dayton police revealed 18,725 crimes in 2022, nearly 11% more than in 2021. Before 2022, the total crimes in the city had dropped for three consecutive years.

There are good areas to explore in the city by walking, biking, or driving, both daytime and nighttime. The areas north of Dayton should be avoided, though, as they are the central suburbs of Dayton. Salem Avenue corridor or the west side experiences a handful of crimes and can be dangerous at night. Public transportation has no safety issues, and cash can be transported by hand. In Dayton, residents have a 1 in 22 chance of becoming a crime victim.


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6. Akron


Violence can happen anytime in this highly diverse, fifth-largest city in Ohio. Akron was once called the "Rubber Capital of the World" and currently houses 197,375 people.

In Akron, Ohio, violent crime is more than twice as common nationwide. In 2021, there were a total of 8,109 crimes reported in the neighbourhood for every 100,000 people, of which 1,633 were violent crimes and 6,476 were property crimes. 76.2% of the violent violent crimes were assault.

While bicycling or riding activities are safe while visiting the city, you should take caution to guard valuables and personal property from vandalism. Independent female travelers can easily move about so long as it is not midnight. Both public transportation and Uber rides are as safe as they can be. Furthermore, monetary theft is less typically recorded.

7. Cincinnati


Cincinnati, fondly called Cincy, has a mesmerizing and thrilling atmosphere. It is the city with the most renowned Oktoberfest in the U.S. It even got recognized as one of the top 25 U.S. travel destinations by MSN in 2022. In addition to Cincinnati's delight, it also has a reputation for being dangerous. Cincinnati has a population of 302,607 people and is the birthplace of notables such as Jerry Springer and Steven Spielberg.

In 2019, Cincinnati had higher-than-average Ohio crime rate and the fifth-highest murder rate in Ohio, with more than one murder per week, on average 2019. That year, it was ranked tenth among 50 U.S. cities for the highest violent crime rates. During the first five months of 2020, about 10,000 crimes were reported, a rate significantly lower than the average for the previous four years.

There were 12,509 crimes reported in 2021 per 100,000 people, with property crimes five times more than violent offences. While this city boasts excellent hiking, sightseeing, and bicycling sites, these activities should be done during the day. Women travelling alone should avoid wandering off main streets late at night. And be on the lookout for pickpockets, especially in buses and bus terminals.

8. Portsmouth


Located in southern Ohio, this neighbourhood has a population of 20,094 residents. Property crime is a major problem for this city. According to 2021 FBI data, the total crime rate in Portsmouth is 5,563.4 per 100,000 people, of which property crime makes up for 88.6% of the total reported crimes. The chances of becoming a crime victim in Portsmouth is 1 in 22.

Casual strolls around the area are not likely to trigger alarm, especially independent travelling women. Daytime hours are safe, and so is public transit.  However, if you are tempted to visit any of Portsmouth's attractions, it is best to take a cab there and back. Handling cash may not draw as much attention, but less obvious may also work.

9. Logan


Logan, located in southeast Ohio, has a population of 6,677 people. It wasn't always a bad neighbourhood. Residents here embrace hiking and are frequently accessible for camping and recreation.

With a total crime of 169 per 100,000 people registered in 2021, this neighbourhood saw a total crime rate of 4% higher than the national average. Property crime is approximately 90% of the reported incidents, and violent crime is 10%. The problem is that not many locals see police patrols across the city.

If nighttime walks are required, it is recommended that female solo travelers be accompanied. Hikes and strolls are safe for the general public while there is daylight. When using public transit, keeping valuables and cash as secure as possible is essential to avoid pickpockets.

10. Springfield


Springfield is a mix of history, culture, and a vibrant scene. It once had one of the highest overall crime rates of any U.S. city, and drugs and prostitution were rampant. With a significantly low population of 2,232, its crime numbers seem mismatched.

The total number of crime incidents reported in 2021 was 5,156 for 100,000 residents. Violent crime was 1,136, 193% greater than the national average, and property crime was 4,020—theft led by over 60%. The police in this city are well aware of the targets.

Pickpocketing is rare; for that reason, lots of cash would not mysteriously vanish. Moving about in this city is always reasonably secure, even for solitary female travelers. The public transportation system is both efficient and safe.

The Safest Places in Ohio

Crime is in every neighbourhood, and the beautiful Buckeye State is not exempt. However, some areas of the State are affected more than others. Is Ohio dangerous to live in? If you are planning a visit or to move in, you can easily find a community with low crime in any part of the city by doing some research.

You should also, at minimum, research the city's layout and orient yourself with which places you should avoid. Some safe areas in Ohio are Sagamore Hills, Clearcreek, Indian Hill, Olmsted, Springboro, and Munroe Falls.


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Ohio is known for quite a lot, and crime-ridden is not among them. There is no description of the delight that sums up the entirety of the city. Ohio may not be among the safest states in the U.S., but it is far from the worst city in Ohio. Hence, it is wise to be aware of dangerous neighbourhoods to keep yourself and your family safe and avoid harm's path.