Top 10 Most Dangerous Districts in Los Angeles California

Dangerous Districts in Los Angeles California

At the mere mention of Los Angeles, the picture of glamour, flashy lifestyle, movie scenes, fashion and music come to mind. Hollywood movies have painted beautiful pictures of what life in Los Angeles is. It has failed to mention that there are certain areas to avoid in Los Angeles. The following are worst places to stay away from in Los Angeles if you can:


Skid Row is a district in Downtown Los Angeles. It has a population of 4,757 people.  It is definitely one of the places to stay away from. It has one of the highest numbers of about 2,783 homeless people in the US. According to the FBI Report in September 2019, violent crimes in Skid Row were 153% higher than the national average. The LAPD Central Community Police Station is in charge of the district.

Due to the high number of homeless people in Skid Row, people sleeping in tents by the road and pedestrian pathway, it is somewhat unsafe to explore the area on foot as it is easy for anyone to walk up to you and offer drugs or attempt to steal from you. Similarly, as a tourist in Skid Row, don’t carry too much cash around as there are pickpockets lurking around the corner. It is advisable to make use of your credit card when you can. Staying in most hotels in Downtown can be unsafe but you can check for hotels with safe reviews.


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The use of public transport can be unsafe in Skid Row depending on the time you use the buses. However, if you decide to move around the neighborhood through the buses and metro stations, you can sit beside the driver, sit or stand around old people or you plug in your ears and avoid eye contacts.

It is unsafe to go out at night especially if you are no familiar with the neighborhood. If you have to travel alone as a woman to Skid Row, you can travel with your peppermint spray or taser as the neighborhood can be unsafe for women.

Districts in Los Angeles California


Downtown Los Angeles is the central business hub district of Los Angeles, California. Downtown LA has a population of 57,000 people. According to the 2019 Report from the Los Angeles Police Department, ''14,219 crimes were reported alone in 2019''. There was a 4.2% increase crime rate in 2020. The biggest overall crime in Downtown LA is property theft and car snatch thefts.

The Central Community Police Station is the Police station in charge of crimes and protection of lives and property in Downtown. with the high prevalence of crime, many tourists are puzzled with the question is Downtown LA safe? Downtown is a lot safer in the day than the night. the increased number of homeless people at night could make anyone a victim of robbery. You can explore Downtown in the day by foot or bike, just ensure you avoid rough areas and stay in public places.

It is a little bit easier and safer to use public transport in Downtown as there is a high prevalence of crime and getting a parking lot could be a nightmare. As a woman, it is not advisable to travel alone in Downtown, neither is it advisable not to walk alone in the night. With the increased rate of crime in Downtown Los Angeles, it is preferable to hold little cash and make use of your card more.


Compton is a suburb located in Southern Los Angeles County, south of Downtown Los Angeles. It is popularly referred to as the "Hub City" due to its central location in Los Angeles County. Compton has a population of 96,456 people. The violent crimes is 215% times higher than the national average. Compton is so dangerous that its crime rate is 48% higher than the national average in the US.

 The prevalent crimes in Compton are murder, rape, robberies, assault, auto thefts and arson. The Compton Sheriff Police Station guards the residents of Compton Los Angeles. According to, Compton has as an average Walk Score of 65% and an average of 61% bikeable score.

There are two metros stations in Compton and you can make use of anyone. They are safe enough as long as you walk directly from/to your train or bus stop, and you don’t display your phone carelessly.

It is not a good idea to walk around in the night and if you want to, don’t draw attention to yourself. Most hotels in Compton are unsafe, but if you are getting one, select one around the college area or major boulevards.

Districts in Los Angeles California


South Los Angeles, was initially known as South Central LA. South Los Angeles is a district in Southern Los Angeles County, California. It has a population of 171,703 residents. The district is protected by the Los Angeles Police Department - Newton Community Police Station.

South Los Angeles has a high crime rate. According to the 2019 FBI Report, there were 1,702 violent crimes and 3,021 property crimes. The crime rate in South Los Angeles is 83% higher than the national average while violent crimes are 347% higher compared to other districts in US. About 1 in 22 people are likely to be victims of crime in South Los Angeles.

It is not safe to go out in the night as the district is famous for its riots, gang violence and poverty. Thus, as a woman it is unsafe to walk around anyhow in South LA.

During the day time, it is 50% safe to explore the area on foot or with your bike although there is nothing much to really explore. Just be at alert and avoid eye contacts. Also, the hotels are pretty safe, just ensure you lock your windows and doors.


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The Los Angeles Fashion District is at the heart of Downtown LA. It is the hub of fashion industry, retail shopping, flower market and designer showroom. Fashion Distrcit has a population of 2,466 people. In spite, of the beauty surrounding fashion district, it is bedeviled with a high rate of crime. The Los Angeles Police Department is the station in charge of the Fashion District. According to the 2019 FBI Department Report, crime rates in the district are 8% higher than the national average, violent crimes are 161% higher than the national average.  Murder, assault burglary, property and vehicle theft were the prominent crimes in fashion district.

As a woman, it is highy unsafe to travel alone to Fashion District or walk alone because of its high influx of violent crimes like assault and robbery. It is also unsafe to walk around at night. The public transportation via the Metro Dash Bus is quite good as you necessarily don't need to run daily errands with your car. Many stores take cash while shopping. However, it is adviseable you don't carry too much cash around. If you are going to be doing heavy shopping, you can take your card along with you  withdraw at the Atms.

Staying in a hotel in Fashion District is tricky as you could be lucky to find a hotel safe enough.

Districts in Los Angeles California


Watts is a district located in Southern Los Angeles, California. Watts lies within the region of South Los Angeles, while sharing borders with Lynwood to the east and South Gate to the southeast. The LAPD Southeast Community Police Station is in charge of the district. Watts has a 49% increased crime rates than the national average with its violent crime rate at 321%.  In Watts, on a street of 27 people, there is a chance of you being a crime victim.

The most prevalent crime reported in 2019 is an estimated number of 2,234 Property crimes and 1,601 Violent crime. Public transortation in Watts has has a 59% rating. So depending on the area you are, it can be safe and unsafe to use a public transport. Don't leave anything expensive in your car or anything visible that might give someone a reason to break into it.

Watts is the 59th most walkable neighborhood in Los Angeles it is also a bikeable area. You can decide to explore the area by foot. Just ensure you don't carry a lot of cash around.  It seems fine to visit or walk around in the daytime than at night.


West Adams is surrounded to on the North by Koreatown and Westlake, on the east by Downtown LA and Historic South Central. It is an area in South Los Angeles County, California with a population of 46,581 people. The Los Angeles Police Department - Southwest Community Police Station is in charge of protecting the district. Crime rates in West Adams are 164% increased than the national average. There is a 1 in 15% probability of being a victim of crime.

Between January- June 2019, the most prevalent reported crimes in West Adams were battery, simple assault and vandalism on goods worth more than $500. As a woman visiting West Adams, if possible, avoid venturing out at night to avoid assault cases.

West Adams is the 33rd most walkable and bikeable neighborhood in Los Angeles. With the Metro Station and Expo Line now in place, public transportation in West Adams is somewhat safe.


Beverly Hills had to be included as a part of this list because of people's misjudged notions about the crime rate in Bevrly hills. Beverly Hills has an 18% safety rate than other cities in the United States

Beverly Hills has a population of 34,362 people. Beverly Hills is one of the safe neighbourhoods in LA. Living in Beverly Hills offers residents an urban suburban mix feel and most residents rent their homes. The Beverly Hills Police Department (BHPD) is the police department protecting the city of Beverly Hills.

The likelihood of ever being a victim of violent crimes in Beverly is very low. It is rated at 1 in 327%. If you are in Beverly Hills, the chance of being robbed of your property is as low as 1 in 20. This goes to say that it is very safe to explore the area by foot or bike. Public transportation in Beverly Hills is also safe to use with a transit score of 80%.


North Hollywood popularly referred to as NoHo has a Population of 73,693. North Hollywood is a flourishing community in L.A. situated in San Fernando Valley. The district is protected by the North Hollywood Police Station.

Tourists are always asking if North Hollywood is safe. North Hollywood has a 2% lower crime rate than the national average in US. It is considered safer than a significant part of the Los Angeles County.

In North Hollywood the likelihood of you being a crime victim can be as low as  1 in 35 on a regular day. With the new metro stations in North Hollywood, the use of public transport in North Hollywood is safe and easy.



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Koreatown is a neighborhood in Los Angeles, California with a population of 104,652.

You can safely explore Koreatown on foot or with your bike as it is the 4th most pedestrian safe neighborhood in Los Angeles with a pedestrian-safety score of 91%. The public transport in Korea is safer and easier to use as getting a parking lot can be a pain.

The hotels in Koreatown are safe and relatively cheap. Although at night, it is safe to walk around but don't forget to be cautious especially if you walk alone as there have been small reports about the MS-13 crew targeting Asian males.