10 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Orlando, FL


You have many reasons to love Orlando. It has a sun-drenched climate, a bustling Downtown area, an unrivaled collection of theme parks, and over a dozen astonishing theme parks, such as Walt Disney and MGM. Orlando also has a ton of crime; however, violent crime is generally present in a few notable dangerous areas.

So, let's dive into 10 bad neighborhoods in Orlando, FL, to learn more about Florida's crimes and statistics, and safe areas.

Current Crime Situation in Orlando, FL

In 2023, there were sizable drops in crime rates and increased gang activity and minors committing crimes throughout the city related to several high-profile crimes. Most crimes recorded for Orlando are vehicle theft, damage, burglary, and not violent crime.

When comparing 2023 statistics from January through September against the same months in 2022, there was a 10% decrease in violent crime, including robbery, homicide, battery, carjacking, and home invasion. Shootings within city limits decreased by 30%, while seized crime guns jumped 36%. Now, is Orlando dangerous? Generally, Orlando, Florida crime rate is 4,664 crimes per 100,000 people.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Neighbourhoods in Orlando, FL

1. Mercy Drive


This neighborhood is located west of downtown Orlando, just a little distance from the theme parks. It's roughly a thirty-minute drive to Disney World. Before the 2000s, this neighborhood was known for the most violent of crimes. Its reputation for drug dealing, prostitution, and gang activity remains strong. The small population of 1,549 experiences high crime, yet its crime rate keeps increasing.

At the end of 2022, this neighborhood's crime rates were 174% higher than the Orlando average and 445% higher than the US average. Even violent crimes are 941% greater than the national average. Though the police actively pursue criminals and maintain an around-the-clock patrol in this area, targeted and drive-by shootings form a portion of the popular local news.

According to FBI data, the total crime per 100,000 people in 2021 was 12,777, where Violent crime was 4,038 and Property crime was 8,739. Residents are, therefore, liable to being crime victims at 1 in 8 chances. Female travelers are encouraged to restrict their walks and bike rides to daytime only, as nighttime could be uncertain. Locals advise they travel accompanied at all times within the neighborhood.


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2. Roosevelt Park 


Roosevelt Park only has a population of 395, yet it is considered one of the bad areas of Orlando because of its rampant crime. This neighborhood is located near the downtown area, along West Colonial Drive, and is plagued by gang violence, shootings, and drugs. Exploring its many unique nature spots and theme parks is not worth the risk.

In total crimes, property crimes happen more frequently than violent crimes. Out of 8,390 crimes per 100,000 people in 2021, property crime alone seizes 5,911 crimes. And theft surrenders as the leading crime by around 78%.

You are almost five times more likely to experience a crime in Roosevelt Park than the rest of Florida. So, it is best to stay out of this neighborhood at all times, especially solo female travelers, and use common sense after hours as it gets deserted and seems sketchy. And you would not find police patrol after sunset.

Muggings frequently occur within the public housing units in Roosevelt Park. Therefore, residents have a 1 in 12 chance of being crime victims.

3. Malibu Groves


Malibu Groves, with a population of 1,140, is a twenty-five-minute drive from Disney World. It is located north of downtown Orlando and is also one of the worst neighborhoods in Orlando. It has a dirty reputation for being rundown and higher in criminal activity than other parts of Orlando. Its crime rate is 80% higher than Orlando's average!

Due to the low security in this neighborhood, burglaries and car break-ins are frequent encounters, and minors are involved in many gang activities. The 2021 report shows a breakdown of 8,403 reported crimes, with violent crime at 2,878 and property crime at 5,525. These crime rates are 258% higher than the national average.

If you are tempted to visit any of the attractions in this neighborhood, it is best to take a taxi there and back. Casual walks at night are greeted with fear, especially for females. Your chance of becoming a crime victim is 1 in 12.

4. Lake Sunset


This is a teardrop-shaped lake located in west central Orlando. Lake Sunset, also called Sunset Lake, occupied by 1,076 people, is plagued by theft, assault, and burglary, which are the most commonly reported crimes. This neighborhood falls among the top 20 worst part of Orlando and most dangerous neighborhoods in all of Florida.

Like most of the areas in Orlando, Lake Sunset is saturated in property crime incidences and alarming reports of assault. Common crime cases are theft, burglary, and vandalism. According to 2022 FBI data, out of the total crime of 8,450 per 100,000 people, 71% represent reported property crimes, and almost 80% of the property crimes are theft. Property crimes in Lake Sunset are 210% higher than the national average.

Exploring the neighborhood by bike riding or walking is less dangerous during the day, and females traveling solo are advised to be seen less after sunset. The police are not as present as they could be; residents have a 1 in 12 chance of becoming crime victims in this neighborhood.

5. Johnson village


Johnson Village is a dangerous neighborhood barely a fifteen-minute drive from Disney World. It is situated east of Orlando's downtown, where visitors have reported feeling unsafe due to the presence of vagrants and strained community relations with police.

With its 561 population, it still strings along the reputation for shootings, drug use, gang violence, and muggings. Violent crimes happen frequently, and in total crime incidents of 8,997 per 100,000 people, it falls under a portion of 2,465, of which assault tops the list.

With theft owning about 80% of the reported property crimes, valuables, and cash must be hidden and secured, especially in public transportation. Walking and biking should be exercised at daylight hours only. And if exploring at night, the solo traveling females must be accompanied. Meanwhile, two safe hotels near Johnson Village are Floriday's Resort Orlando and Hyatt Regency Orlando.


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6. Carver Shores


This neighborhood, located west of downtown Orlando, was notorious for most crimes. There were incidences of robbery, break-ins, assault, vandalizing, and car thefts. It was also plagued with drug dealings and gang violence, perhaps primarily related to the area's gang activity. Now, multiple shootings exist, sometimes drive-by, at any time, barely months apart. With less than 1,500 residents, crime is intensely condensed in Carver Shores.

Carver Shores has strained relations with police as well, giving it an unsafe vibe. Because of its very few attractions but high personal safety risks, spending time in Carver Shores is not encouraged. In 2021 the total crime estimate was 7,519 per 100,000 residents, with violent crimes 471% greater than the national average.

Locals caution that shady corners of streets are exactly what they appear to be like and should be avoided. Pricey items, valuables, and cash must be in safe and secured areas of the car, out of visibility, or strapped in purses/ wallets. No walks after 9 p.m., especially for females. For your security and comfort, avoiding spending time in Carver Shores during your Orlando vacation is best.

7. New Malibu


When violent crime is above 250% higher than the national average in one neighborhood, it already screams terrible residence. Considering that only 408 residents can call New Malibu home, the high volume of crime is quite shocking.

Robberies, thefts, and assaults frequently occur in Carver Shores. There is also extensive drug use and dealing within the neighborhood, and there's no information on the frequency of police patrol. The total crime is 4,430 per 100,000 residents, with violent crimes as 289% and property crimes 49% greater than the national average. However, New Malibu is safer than 21% of the cities in Florida.

When on the move, it is better to employ the cashless system and use credit/debit cards mostly; only public transportation seems safe enough. Biking and walking are good tools for seeing the various parts of the neighborhood, but should be done before sunset. In this neighborhood, it is not wise for women to travel solo late at night.

8. Washington shores


Washington Shores is another neighborhood with high crime rates that tourists best avoid. It is centrally situated between downtown Orlando and major attractions such as Disney, Universal Studios, and the Holy Land. The 1,014 residents in this neighborhood suffer crimes like aggravated assault and armed robbery constantly, especially not so far from residential complexes on Pershing Avenue.

Out of a total crime of 7,594 per 100,000 residents, 71.7% are all reported property crimes. Property and violent crimes are 176% and 465% higher than the national average, and the security by patrolling officers is fairly good.

Violent crimes such as burglary are common in this dangerous neighborhood. Visitors, especially independent women, who accidentally venture into this area, especially at night, put themselves at risk of becoming victims of crimes. Locals advise avoiding Washington Shores when visiting Orlando to keep your anxiety in check.

9. Lake Mann gardens


Just as small as Roosevelt Park, New Malibu, and others, this neighborhood has a population of 510, with crime rates 13% higher than the Orlando average. Assault, shooting, vandalism, and theft, continually rising, make up the crime rate. Gangs and illegal drug activity also contribute to the dangerous atmosphere.

According to 2022 FBI statistics, the crime rate is 5,284 per 100,000 residents, with 2,118 and 3,166 as the total incidents for violent and property crimes. Violent crimes in Lake Mann Gardens are 446% greater than the US average.

Nighttime walks should be taken with caution, but for some questionable areas, they are encouraged for tourists (women) to go in groups or pairs. This neighborhood has frequent robberies, so it is best to keep valuables and cash hidden and secured, especially on public transportation. As a resident in Lake Mann Gardens, you have barely 1 in 19 chance of being a crime victim.

10. North Orange


Located north of Orlando's downtown area, North Orange, with a population of 1,237, has a reputation for attracting crimes like illicit drug dealing, armed robberies, and frequent burglaries. The area has many vagrants as well that harass tourists.

The crime rate is 12,207 per 100,000 residents, 420% greater than the national average. Violent crime, estimated at 2,995, is 672%, while property crime, estimated at 9,212, is 370% greater than the national average.

The police patrols try to enforce relationships within their patrol areas and secure the neighborhood. However, the locals advise visitors, especially females journeying alone, to avoid night walks. Public transportation may be relatively safe, but guard your valuables and cash intensely and intentionally.

The Safest Places in Orlando, FL

There's no shortage of fun and adventure in Orlando, Florida, home to SeaWorld, Universal Studios, and the fantastic lot. There are many unique places in Orlando where the crime rate is meager to explore and live. So, how safe is Orlando, Florida? Doctor Phillips and Bay Hill are the safest areas in Orlando, Florida. These two neighborhoods are known for affluent, and fairly without crime at any time whether day or night. There are also Gotha, Hunter's Creek, and Lake Hart known for being safe from property crime and violence.


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Being a major city, it pays to know which areas have high crime rates. With this, you can plan accordingly and direct your mind to relish your trip instead of stressing over safety. Orlando scores relatively high on property crimes, likely due to increased rates of petty theft and pickpocketing, thanks to the nature of this highly touristy destination. Despite this, there are still a bunch of neighborhoods within the city with an all-around recognizable level of safety. Now, is Orlando safe to live? A 100%!