Is Nashville Safe? Top 10 Most Dangerous Places in Nashville TN!

Most Dangerous Places in Nashville

Among other fascinations, Nashville has a musical reputation that makes all scenes glisten and sparkle. There is the art gallery that is North America’s largest Kurdish community, the historic annual art festival, the colorful night destinations, to name the least.

What does not sparkle, however, is the crime incidents in the different neighborhoods. Nashville has one of the highest rates in all of the American cities. Listed below are the areas to stay away from in Nashville.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Places in Nashville

Is Nashville a safe city or not?

1. Talbot’s Corner

This is an East Nashville neighborhood that got its town name from Thomas Talbot, a patriarch and Revolutionary War veteran. This community houses 12,018 people, where the total crime rate is 329% greater than the national average.

Residents in this side of Nashville talk about how, even though shootings occur only occasionally, it escalates rapidly. In May 2019, some shootings happened that got a couple of people dead. Violent crimes alone in Talbot's Corner are 604% greater than the national average. No telling this is one of Nashville neighborhoods to avoid!

In this neighborhood also, assault and robbery are usually the targets for the patrolling officers, along with theft and burglary. This makes night movements strictly by discretion. It is advised to restrict walking or biking activities to daytime for safety reasons, mostly for females traveling solo. As petty crimes are minimal, very unlikely that you will have your cash stolen in public transportation.

Talbot's Corner gives visitors a 1 in 10 chance of becoming victims of crime.




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2. Antioch

This neighborhood easily became the fastest-growing part of Davidson County. Although it is both racially and culturally diverse, it is known for its various crime spikes. There is the uprise in drugs, shootings, and car break-ins which all ignore the police presence in the neighborhood.

While walking and biking are generally advised for visitors, hiking too is allowed. This neighborhood has barely any safety issues at night, even women traveling alone are not warned against night movements. Public transportations are free from pickpocketing and panhandling so cash and personal items are likely to remain as they are.

The chance of becoming a crime victim in Antioch is 1 in 10.



3. Glencliff

This chunk of South Nashville was originally assigned as an antebellum home, which, in the early 19th century, was erected by slaves and later expanded into a community. Armed with an average cost of living and livability considered exceptional, this neighborhood appears as though it ticks all the boxes green.

Paper perfect neighborhood until the total crime rate is disclosed or witnessed. While Assault is the top violent crime in Glencliff, at approximately 710 incidents for every 100,000 Nashville residents, Theft trends as the top property crime at 1,073 incidents. With great help from the police, murder and robbery incidents are down to the minimum, but vehicle theft remains a concern.

The neighborhood has a current population of 7,729, and as far as safety is concerned, it is highly walkable. Hence, daytime walks or bike rides are encouraged greatly. However, caution is to be taken while venturing beyond 9 pm, especially independently traveling women. Some hotels come recommended by the townspeople but they are closer to downtown Nashville.

There is barely any incident reported on cash theft, so there is no need to be super cautious with personal items and belongings while in public transportation.



4. Heron Walk

11,940 people occupy this neighborhood which has violent crimes 884% greater than the national average. Over the years crime has barely changed significantly even with no restructuring of the police force. Obviously this is one of the places to avoid in Nashville.

Exploring through the neighborhood can be done fairly via walking or biking, and both can be achieved daytime and nighttime. No time restrictions as the neighborhoods have fewer cases of dark alley ambushing. Only a few incidents of pickpockets in public transport so strapping our belongings to sides would be wise.

In Heron Walk, one has a 1 in 7 chance of being a victim of crime.



5. Buena Vista Heights

This neighborhood has a population of 1,460, of which 91.3% are mostly African Americans. The crimes that keep this neighborhood in an unrest state are several gang shootings and break-ins. The shootings, over the years, have led to the loss of lives and hospitalized individuals. And regardless of the police inputs, the break-ins have only increased making this neighborhood one of the dangerous parts of Nashville.

A resident shared how he would not dare to park his vehicle or motorcycle out on the street all night. Neither would be an attempt to leave the front porch furniture, as they would go missing by morning. Buena Vista Heights’ crime rates are 200% greater than the national average. Violent crimes alone are 312% greater than the national average.

Walking or biking are activities that are regularly safe to undertake around daytime, but safety is not guaranteed at nighttime. Female travelers, because of this, are urged to spend nighttime over in the recommended few hotels rather than walk around the neighborhood after sunset. Public transportation also is safe during the day with few incidents of pickpocketing or cash mugging.

In Buena Vista Heights, the chance of being a victim of crime is 1 in 14.




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6. Bordeaux

This happens to be a river community but with amazing city views. The 5,092 population in this neighborhood try to make do with this fairly low-income area. The consequence of the bulk of this area, as the saying goes, where there is slight poverty is the presence of crime. Hence one of the bad areas in Nashville.

The total crime is 9,662 for every 100,000 residents, where violent crime is estimated at 2,720 and property crime 6,942. In the actual sense, violent crimes in Bordeaux are 617% greater than the national average. Petty crimes are spaced out and for this, cries of pickpockets or cash mugging are sparsely reported, even in public rides.

Fortunately, there are little or no incidents of shootings, and murder reports are the lowest violent crime incidents registered. However, Assault and Robbery incidents have hardly tasted a dip in half a decade. Ironically there are police patrols in this neighborhood.

Except for the issue of speeding vehicles which even led to the death of a child early in 2019, moving around the neighborhood whether biking or hiking will occur with no incidents. Nighttime is less scary, even females can move unaccompanied at midnight.



7. Eastwood

This neighborhood has a population of 2,859. It is said to be East Nashville's best-kept secret as there are lots of historical housing styles with grand yards and soft streets. Not only that, Eastwood homes are within walking distance of quite some top-rated East Nashville restaurants, and stores. If you wanted to inquire, “Is East Nashville safe?, there lies the answer.

While this is interesting, violent crimes are 467% greater than the national average and this neighborhood is only safer than 30% of Tennessee’s cities. Although the police in this neighborhood are visible, crimes still occur at nighttime. Hence travelers are implored to explore or engage in walking/biking during daylight hours, especially solo females.

Reports on cash mugging in public rides are spaced out in occurrence.



8 Cleveland Park

More alarming than the rate of assault in this neighborhood is the frequency of theft that occurs. Being a neighborhood with a little population of 2,206 people, the crimes that are being reported gush like an overwhelming stipulation.

The crimes take new forms every decade. An old resident witnessed lots of drug handling and prostitution in his block less than a decade ago, but now theft is higher up in the chart. Even with the reformation that has happened in the neighborhood, there still exist corners with a crime.

For this reason, walks and strolls into the night are not encouraged. Daytime is marked as the best time for surveying and exploring. Women that are traveling by themselves are advised on settling in hotels and resuming the exploration the following day.

As theft has the highest reported incidents, personal items (and/or cash) kept in personal vehicles or held in public rides are expected to be stripped away from public view. Although there is the presence of the police, crime offenders have found ways to maneuver.

In Cleveland Park, one’s chance of being a crime victim is 1 in 18 chance.



9. Four Corners

This neighborhood of 4,201 total people has a crime rate of 330% greater than the national average. The violent crime for every 100,000 residents exceeds 2,000 and the property crime reaches almost 9,000. This figure represents the current situation in this neighborhood even with police patrols available on site.

Petty crimes are rarely discussed so public transportation has hardly any report on cash theft from purses or wallets. Although it is good to form a practice of safekeeping belongings especially while moving about in public.

There are constantly people on the move here as this neighborhood is known to be highly walkable. Midnights are also safe even for solo traveling females.



10. Haynes Area

It is no news that Haynes Area crime rates are 191% greater than the Nashville average. It has a bit of a reputation as it is known to be dangerous, crime-ridden, and with a lot of violence periodically. Violent crimes in Haynes Area, the highest record so far, are 833% greater than the national average which makes this neighborhood safer than only 1% of Tennessee’s cities.

Many residents of this 7,150 people-populated neighborhood report how the majority of errands require a car and even Haynes Area is hardly walkable. It is the 115th most walkable neighborhood. There are even barely any bike lanes.

If visiting, earnest care should be taken while walking during the daytime, and preferably no activity at night for safety reasons. Female travelers should not have to travel solo. Public rides are less of any danger with no petty incidents report. Cash therefore is safely held in purses.




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Current Crime Situation in Nashville

How safe is Nashville?

The end of the year 2019 witnessed a decrease in the crime rate across the majority of the neighborhoods in Nashville. Property crime in East Nashville dropped by 7.3% and property crime by 4%. In North Nashville, both property and violent crime dropped almost 8%.

Although Nashville crime in total may not have registered any drop in crime level. Violent incidents, in total, summed up to 7,713 and property 28,284. The crime rate turned out as 11.53 violent crimes for every 1,000 residents, and 42.27 for property crime.


Nashville crime Statistics is enough to send panic to a traveler. As there are growing numbers on assault and theft; property crime seems unchanged year and year. But Nashville is an amazing tourist destination with incredible historical musical facts. Hence, just as Nashville safety is still a concern, being intentionally cautious of personal safety would go a long way to keep you from the worst troubles.