Lithuanian Citizens ESTA Application: Apply For USA ESTA Online

ESTA for Lithuanian Citizens

The information below is intended for the Lithuanian citizens visiting the USA.

It’s important to note that ESTA is not the same as Visa, therefore, it doesn’t infer the same rights as a visa. Lithuanian citizens who wish to travel to the USA should introduce themselves to the different aspects of the ESTA.

1. Can a citizens of Lithuania travel to the USA with ESTA?

All Lithuanian citizens are eligible for ESTA online application system when applying for authorization to travel to the USA.

This means whenever you want to visit the USA from Lithuania you do not need to apply for a visa, you only need to use the ESTA application from Lithuania.

However, certain rules apply to those travelling with an ESTA instead of the visa.

It’s important to remember only individuals from VWP member countries are eligible for ESTA, otherwise, one shall apply for a visa to travel from their respective countries.

2. Is Lithuania one of the VWP countries?

The Visa Waiver Program (VWP) is an automated program by the American government that includes different countries from around the world, whose citizens can use ESTA for travelling to the USA.

Lithuania is among the 39 VWP countries giving the Lithuanian citizens eligibility to travel using ESTA.

This is according to the current updates on the program because it keeps on changing.

You can learn more about the VWP in general here.

It’s recommended to follow up all the updates on the program since any changes could inconvenience your travel plans. However, at the moment Lithuania’s status has not changed.

3. What if the visitor’s keyboard doesn’t type in English can the application be done?

The ESTA application must be done in English, meaning the computer being used must be configured for American English. If not, you should refer to the conversation website to avoid language barrier. The computer you use should also have a good font for keyboard input. In case the operating system is the problem you can always upgrade.

Seek help from the information provided by the operating system vendor or read the documentation. If the computer cannot support the Windows operating system suitable for the task at hand.

4. What happens if an applicant is found unacceptable under the VWP program?

Travelers who seek admission and are determined to be inadmissible to the US will be deported to their native countries or a third nation where they have a trip ticket, through the carrier of arrival in the states of America and will be prohibited permanently from the states.

5. What are the travel passport requirements under the Visa Waiver Program?

The VWP requirements are:

  • The passport must have an electronic chip carrying biometric information about the details of the passport holder.
  • The biographic page should have a machine-readable zone.

Since the beginning of the 2009 financial year, emergency passports and temporary passports are required to be electronic for citizens in the visa waiver program nations.

6. What if my non-visa waiver passport is expired or I have a dual citizenship?

In circumstances where an individual has several passports, they should use details of their most recent passport even though they are expired. Dual citizens without a passport from any other nation should opt for a country from those in the drop-down catalogue. However, they are reminded not to fill in the passport field number.


It is in your best interest to apply for an ESTA right away!

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More information about ESTA

What is the importance of providing my employer with information?

Travellers must prove beyond reasonable doubt that they have no intention of migrating to the United States of America and they only qualify for visitors’ status under Immigration and Nationality Act.

Is it necessary to carry a copy of ESTA application to the airport?

Under the visa waiver program, it is not mandatory to carry a copy of ESTA for you to travel but it is necessary to have a copy for personal records.

Some airlines do require a copy from the passenger and this will need you to have a printout. Even better you can easily obtain your application by entering your applicant details in the ESTA website.