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ESTA for citizens of Taiwan

  • Country: Taiwan
  • ESTA Required: Yes

The Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) can be taken advantage of only by citizens of countries in the Visa Waiver Program (VWP).

As Taiwan is a member of the VWP, citizens may travel to the US using an ESTA instead of a visa for eligible trips. Before applying, any Taiwanese citizen should be first informed of the rules regarding applying for the ESTA.

1. Can all Taiwanese citizens apply for ESTA if planning to visit the USA?

Yes, if you meet the below criteria:

  • The duration of your visit in the USA will be 90 days or less.
  • Your reason for travelling to the USA is only for business, tourism or transit.

There are further criteria that will determine your personal eligibility. However, for most citizens, if you comply with the first two points, you should be able to receive an ESTA.

2. What are the ESTA requirements for Taiwan citizens?

Aside from the length and purpose of your trip, other eligibility requirements surround whether you have any connections with Syria, Sudan, Iran or Iraq, whether you have a criminal history and whether you have any communicable diseases.

You also need to have not been deported from the US in the past or have previously overstayed your visa.

Read our article on factors that can get you denied to double check.

3. When does a Taiwanese citizen need to apply for a visa instead of an ESTA?

If an individual is not eligible for an ESTA, he/she can apply for a visa instead, though receiving a visa is also not guaranteed.

Taiwanese need a visa to the USA instead of an ESTA if:

  • The purpose of travel is study or employment.
  • The planned visit in the USA exceeds 90 days.
  • They have dual citizenship with Taiwan and any of Syria, Sudan, Iraq, Iran or North Korea.
  • They have been in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, North Korea or Sudan after March 1st 2011.
  • They have been convicted of a crime.
  • They are carriers of a contagious disease. More information regarding communicable diseases, see our FAQs section.
  • They are arriving overland.

4. I already have a visa, do I need to apply for an ESTA?

If you already hold a valid Visa to enter the USA, you do not need to apply for an ESTA.

5. After how long can a reply be expected from the ESTA system?

Approving an ESTA does not take long as the system is automated and just requires running your details through the relevant databases. Usually, it’s as quick as 20 minutes but waiting up to 24 hours is also considered normal processing time.

Regardless, US officials strongly recommend not leaving your application to the last minute and applying a minimum of 72 hours prior to your departure.

Once you are sure of your plans to visit the USA, start by applying for an ESTA as this will ensure you don’t make any payments for hotels or airfares, which may be non-refundable.

6. How long is my ESTA valid for?

An ESTA is valid for two years, on the condition that you remain eligible for the ESTA and your passport does not change or expire during this two year period.

If you change your citizenship to a country that is not included as a VWP country, you must apply for a Visa. Also, if your passport expires sooner than the two year validity of your ESTA, you must also reapply for a new ESTA, as the old ESTA will expire along with your old passport.

7. Can changes be made to my ESTA application once submitted?

The majority of information on the ESTA application cannot be changed once the application has been submitted. This includes:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Country
  • Employment information
  • Passport data

If the above needs modifications in your ESTA, then re-apply for a new ESTA to make such changes.

That being said, there is information in your ESTA application that can be updated:

  • Email address
  • US contact address
  • Travel dates

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More information regarding ESTA for citizens of Taiwan

Requirements for your passport:

Citizens of Taiwan must have a valid e-passport in order to travel to the United States of America. A valid e-passport carries an embedded digital photo and a machine-readable chip.

Required information for filling in ESTA:

  • Contact information.
  • Valid credit card to make the payment for the ESTA application.
  • Valid passport.
  • Information regarding your work place.

If you have already submitted an ESTA application in the past and wish to check the status or validity of your ESTA, follow that link.

If you have not applied for an ESTA or need to make a new one due to your previous ESTA expiring, click HERE.